Grade 4 Extended Art Class – Cartooning

The amazing students from the Grade 4 Extended Art Program, have been working over a number of weeks, on these incredible cartoons.  They went through a long process to get to their awesome, final pieces. They experimented, planned, designed, edited, drafted, outlined, watercoloured and then finally, framed their finished piece.  They are so proud of them and so am I.  Well done Grade 4s.


One more photo to go…

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Welcome to 2017!

We are super excited to start 2017! We are lucky to have a second art space for this year.  It is located in a portable at the end of the basketball courts.  We have really enjoyed teaching and learning in this new space and the students have loved checking it out too.


This is also the location of Miss Jamieson’s Office

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2016…what a colourful year!

We would like to congratulate all of the Oatlands students on a fantastic year in the Art Room.  Our wonderful and creative students have produced incredible work that they should be very proud of.  We hope everyone has a safe holidays and we look forward to new Art adventures next year.

Happy Holidays

Mrs Derfi, Mrs Mammino & Mrs Shave

img_1031 img_1038 img_1045 img_1103 img_1114 img_1134 img_1165 img_0816 img_0840 img_0872 img_0935 img_0962 img_0985 img_0988 5271751b-1409-434c-8aee-61bd0ee39b8e img_0134 img_0166 img_0190 img_0294 img_0327 img_0380 img_0399 img_0414 img_0468 img_0618 img_0765 p1050392 p1050417

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Grade 6 Dragons

Grade 6 students have created some amazing Dragons.  They needed to produce a plan first and then follow their planning to complete their finished product.  They used sponging, glitter and a selection of unique papers.  The dragons were then assembled using split pins to make an articulated puppet.


I think that you will agree that they are brilliant!


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