2016…what a colourful year!

We would like to congratulate all of the Oatlands students on a fantastic year in the Art Room.  Our wonderful and creative students have produced incredible work that they should be very proud of.  We hope everyone has a safe holidays and we look forward to new Art adventures next year.

Happy Holidays

Mrs Derfi, Mrs Mammino & Mrs Shave

img_1031 img_1038 img_1045 img_1103 img_1114 img_1134 img_1165 img_0816 img_0840 img_0872 img_0935 img_0962 img_0985 img_0988 5271751b-1409-434c-8aee-61bd0ee39b8e img_0134 img_0166 img_0190 img_0294 img_0327 img_0380 img_0399 img_0414 img_0468 img_0618 img_0765 p1050392 p1050417

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